We have been developing our own bait cures for a number of years and have a dedicated following of anglers in the Lewis-Clark area that insist on these fine products.. These experienced fishers feel that the quality and care used in our high quality shrimp make them the best steelhead bait for the Snake, Clearwater and Grande Ronde Rivers.

Each bait has a different composition of attractants to provide variety when needed.
All of these specialty baits are hand picked and processed by Stu personally, to assure you that they meet his exacting standards of quality.

Only the highest quality and freshest shrimp available in the northwest are used as the foundation for our premimum steelhead baits.  
Stu's Pink...Our original cured and dyed shrimp. Proven by many years of use on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Bright vibrant pink color.

Stu's Orange....The deep bright orange is an enhanced natural shrimp color that is a proven steelhead bait color here in the Northwest. This is a very productive bait in the Hells Canyon area.

Stu's Red Hots...Bright red color that is gaining popularity with the local fishers.

Stu's Purple. This variety was developed because purple has been a very successful color in steelhead lures in this area for many years. This color has been requested by our bait anglers and we have developed this formula to meet those needs and requests.

Stu's Nuclear Power... The newest color and formula introduced to the line of speciality shrimp baits at Waters Edge.

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